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Zechariah 14:20
In that day shall there be upon the bells of the horses, HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD;

RHYTHM-n-BEADS will be re-opening for orders May 1st/14 with a fully stocked online store of new products!!! 

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Natural Horsemanship Equine Rhythm Beads, Hoofprints On Your Heart Horseshoe Art, Wired Whinnies whimsical wire horse jewelry , tree ornaments & suncatchers, Feathers n' Flair mane & tail bling and Stirrup Steeds, by VA Equine/Wire artist Deborahlynn.

What are rhythm beads?
.....'Equine Rhythm Beads', also known as speed beads, bear bells, horse necklaces, cadence beads or horse beads, not only enhance the natural beauty of your horse, they create an auditory learning experience and are a valuable training aid used to improve performance and are quickly gaining recognition & wholehearted support from jumpers, gaited horse riders, endurance riders, dressage riders, trail riders, barrel racers & horse trainers of all breeds & disciplines around the world.
Rhythm Beads encourage your horse to follow a rhythm or cadence, much like a musician to a metronome through timed beats. The soft jingle of the brass bells accentuates the rhythm of horse's gaits, which is useful for adjusting the tempo/rhythm of the horse's movements. The bells help the rider pick up the correct diagonal and detect whether they are cantering/loping on the correct lead.
Rhythm beads are an excellent resource for all riding disciplines, including training and desensitizing young horses. On the trail, the bells are useful for alerting both wildlife and other riders that you are approaching. The subtle and soothing jingle of the bells create a 'white noise' effectively blocking distractions in the arena or on the trail.
Also known as 'Speed Beads', rhythm beads have been used to encourage a faster and harder pace for speed events.

Rhythm-n-Beads...the place where 'helping horses and riders get in rhythm' is our goal!
Let our 'bling' add 'rhythm to your ride' ©TM....Happy trails!

Please come in today and browse  our line Rhythm Beads and matching accessories,  'Hoofprints On Your Heart'  Horseshoe Art,  'Wired Whinnies' , 'Stirrup Steeds' Rope Cross Wall-Door  Hangings, and more....

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Celebrate the 'Year of the Horse' with
our Wired Whinnies SunJewels & Jewelry

Cross My Heart

 Beautiful, rustic tin cross, with barbed wire, red coral heart focal and hammered Wired Whinny pendant.
Apx length 9"


Cowgirl Cross

Rope Cross Wall-Door Hangings (Seasonal)

~Feathers n' Flair~ Mane & Tail Bling!

Storage bags in cute prints, to protect & store your rhythm beads !


Rhythm-n-Beads ©TM

Wired Whinnies 'Minis' Tree Ornaments

Haflinger                Button Braids

 Donkey/Mule              Friesian

Customer feedback ...

"Hi Deborah
I received my wired whinnies today :) The photos don't do them justice. They are so adorable and are going to be such a hit for Christmas gifts this year at the hunter barn I ride at! Thank you for creating special whinnies with 'button braids' in our barn colours, for me....the detail of your workmanship is 'WOW'
I'll be back to order more most definitely, these are great little gifts. I'm keeping mine up all year round ;)
Susan in UK"

~Hoofprints On Your Heart Horseshoe Art ~ ©tm
Each horseshoe, stirrup or bit is uniquely handcrafted by Virginia Equine Wire/Bead Artist 'Deborah Lynn'...each one having a 'signature' hammered horseshoe and heart charm.

Bit Bling

Equus Spirit Spurs

Rhythm-n-Beads has 'ready made' designs, plus offers 'custom' beaded horseshoes!
Do you have a treasured 'keepsake' horseshoe, bit or spur from a special equine friend? Send me your item and I'll custom bead it for you into a lasting keepsake :)
More details on the 'Hoofprints On Your Heart Horseshoe Art ' page in our store...

~ Lope Of Hope
Breast Cancer Designs

Trail Rider's DESIGN !!!
On the trails, especially during Hunting Season...Ride safely ... make yourself visible and audible with our Hunting Season 'Bold Blazer' Rhythm Beads

Stand out this show season with our
BLING BLING..."It's Showtime"
4 Piece Sets...
available in any of our basic designs!
Set includes basic rhythm beads s/7 bells, 3 strand tail drop w/bell and 2 mane dangles

Spice up your rhythm beads with optional horsehair tassels, pendants, & feathers as available options.

Rhythm-n-Beads is honoured to be partnering with Knot Just Rope to offer our customers coordinating rope tack and rhythm beads sets


KNOT JUST ROPE, specializing in hand crafted customized rope tack from halters to bridles, including bitless
Rhythm-n-Beads says...."KJR Customer service, quality workmanship and satisfaction are unbeatable. You'll never use any other rope tack after you've experienced Knot Just Rope's."

Tail Warning Announcers!
Red in the tail is the universal warning of a horse that may 'kick out'.
Blue in the tail, announces 'stallion'

NEW!!!....Green Tail Warning Announcer, notifying nearby riders of a 'Green Horse'

Not sure what to get the 'horselover' in your life...... we have Gift Certificates!

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That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth..(Philippians 2:10)
Photo ~ Emmanuel Equine Facility

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~Equus Spirit Spurs~ ©tm 2013

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Featured Products

"Bling, Bling....It's Showtime" Basic 4 Piece  Set (Available in any design)-
"Bling, Bling....It's Showtime" Basic 4 Piece Set (Available in any design)
'Brave Heart' Rhythm Beads NEW!-rhythm beads, speed beads, horse necklace
'Brave Heart' Rhythm Beads NEW!
$23.00 - $24.00
Wire Whinnies Suncatcher 'Luna'  NEW!-
Wire Whinnies Suncatcher 'Luna' NEW!
Out of Stock

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